When I first started studying game, actually learning what it is was fairly hard. There are lots of blogs and forums on the subject, but as is so often the case with these things they assumed a certain amount of knowledge that I just plain did not have.
So I’ve collected some posts that’ll help you get your feet wet.

What is game part 1
What is game part 2
What is anti-game, this link will let you know what game is by letting you know what is the opposite.
Heart of game part 1
Heart of game part 2
Heart of game part 3

f you want to push deeper, you can get the book The Mystery Method. There are tons of books on this subject, and as a Christian I would not be comfortable reading most of them. But this one despite it’s title, is actually a pretty good and pretty dry, scientific read on the topic of social dynamics. There is also a ton of snake oil out there and hugely over priced DVD’s and books that are little more than a repackaging of what you’ll find in The Mystery Method. So if what your looking for is simply an explanation of how attraction and seduction works, you would be hard pressed to find a better book.

And of course there is always the blogs that I’ve included in the blogroll.


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